Mobility. Strength. Conditioning.

Mobility. Strength. Conditioning.


Kish Tish

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“Went to a powerlifting competition hosted here. Lots of power racks, benches and patforms: everything you need for powerlifting or Oly lifting. Staff were friendly too. Great gym”


David Lockwood

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“Excellent gym. Advice was second to none”


Simon Vardy

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“Quality gym. Everything you could need for good S&C sessions in terms of both equipment and staff. The knowledge of the staff is immense with specialists in fields ranging from power lifting to Olympic lifting, strong man to sport specific strength and conditioning. They also run a variety of different group sessions to get people involved.”




“Best gym EVER! It’s difficult to describe why MSC ticks all the boxes that other gyms don’t, but a lot comes down to atmosphere. It’s a gym people go to “work out”, not just sit around pretending to do so! There are no egos strutting around, just a bunch of hard working people who want to help wherever they can.”



MSC has a lot of functional equipment great for sports performance, awesome coaches and great people. I’ve enjoyed attending the workout sessions such as ‘metcon’ which are run several times a week by the knowledgeable coaches. Our S&C sessions have had a great impact on the field for my sport and I’ve noticed gains in fitness and strength in just a few weeks.



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