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1000kg Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (Eleiko and Strengthshop)

4x IPF Approved bars (Eleiko Competition and Titex) + 4x IPF Spec Bars (Bison PL and Texas Power bars)

1x IPF Spec Combo rack + 1 IPF Spec competition Bench Press

3x Power Racks + 1 Additional set of J hooks

2x Additional Bench Press



6 Elieko Weightlifting Bars (4 Men’s Competition and 2 Female’s Competition Bars)

5x Females 25mm Weightlifting Bars

10x 20kg Bison ‘Hybrid’ Bars

5 Weightlifting Platforms

5 Moveable Squat Stands

1x Jerk Blocks

1 set of Weightlifting Blocks

Over 1000kg of Bison Bumper Plates



30mx4 Sprint Track

3x Sledges

2x Assault Bikes

1x Watt Bike

3x Concept 2 Rowers

Competition Kettlebells from 8kg-32kg + 1x 54kg and 1x64kg Kettlebell

3x Battle Ropes

Selection of Slam Balls




1x 35kg 22cm Diameter Log

1x 45kg 32cm Diameter Log

2x Farmers Walk Handles

1x Yoke

3x Tyres, 120,220 and 325kg!

1x 50mm Axle

Additional Equipment + Machines

Dumbbells from 2.5kg-50kg

2x Hex Bars

1x Football Bar

1x Buffalo Bar (Bent bar)

6 Free Benches

Belt Squat

Reverse Hyper

HammerStrength Leg Press

2x Glute Ham Developer

Hip Thrust Bench

Hamstring Curl

Leg Extension

Plate Loaded Watson Lat-Pulldown

Chest Supported Row

45 degree Hyper

Calf raise (brought for Jordan and Qas)

Cable Crossover

4 Bay Rig with additional Dip Horns, 3x Suspension Trainers + 3x Gymnastic Rings

High Gymnastic Rings

High Rope Climb