Where are you located? 

57 Clement Street, Birmingham. B1 2SW. We are a stone’s throw from the Arena Birmingham. 

Why do you charge more than commercial gyms?

We charge more for our coaching membership due to the higher level of coaching service you receive. In commercial gyms you are treated like number ana receive little, or even no help, or perhaps access to some generic body pump classes! As an MSC athlete, we are passionate about helping you reach your training goals, and you will receive access to elite level strength and conditioning equipment, as well as learn from our coaching team,  who are amongst the most qualified and experience in our field!

Do you offer day passes? 

Yes, we do. However, this is only for access to the open gym. Our classes are strictly for members only. It is £10 for a day pass. These can be purchased on arrival.

Do you offer student discount?

Yes, the student discount applies ONLY to our Open gym membership option and the Open gym and Met-con option. 

Is MSC for me?

MSC is for anyone who wants results from their training! If you are fed up of commercial gyms and just being a number and want to have access to highly qualified and experienced coaches in a friendly community environment, then MSC is for you! 

Is the gym friendly? 

Yes, absolutely! We guarantee you won’t find a gym friendlier than ours! Here, you are a name, not a number, and you will become a part of the MSC family! Experience or ability level is not an issue! We also host regular social events outside the gym too, so that you can get to know the members and coaches in other environments. 

How do I know which membership is best for me? 

See the description of our memberships on our membership page. 

Who is the trial for? 

The 28 trial is mandatory for anyone who is going onto our elite membership! This way, you can get to see how we work, and try out the gym before you make a long-term commitment! It’s also a chance for us to see if you are the right fit for our community.

Do I have to sign a contract? 

Yes, you do. Our contract includes a minimum term of 3 months. After this, your contract will be on a rolling monthly basis.

Do you offer nutritional coaching? 

Yes, we do, on our Elite membership! We firmly don’t believe in setting meal plans, as they are simply not sustainable or enjoyable. However, we will coach you through your nutrition, set and adjust your calories and macros, and track them with you every step of the way. 

Do you track progress? 

Yes, we do! On our Open gym & Met-con membership, your met-con data personal bests will be tracked based off our key performance indicators. On our Elite membership, you will be using our application and personal coach, who will be tracking every single session with you! You will take part in performance testing sessions in both our barbell club and our met con class, which is great fun and provides a great atmosphere as you hit personal bests! 

Is there parking? 

The street outside the gym is single yellow line, which is free before 8am, and after 7pm. There are also parking bays which are free before 8am and after 6pm, and all-day Sunday. If you are coming outside of those times, then there is a car park next door, which is 60p per hour. 

You look like you have some really strong lifters, do you have to already lift heavy to join? 

Not at all. It is true that we have some very strong lifters! We have a strong powerlifting team, and some excellent competitive athletes. But the great thing about MSC is, we don’t care what your ability level is, as long as you are willing to take on board our coaches’ expertise, then we will be happy to work with you. You may be very surprised of how strong you will actually get, with the right programming and coaching which you will receive at MSC! 

What equipment do you have?

See section About - facilities.

If I am a powerlifter, can I just come in and lift? 

You can join our Open gym membership and have unlimited access to open gym and all of our amazing powerlifting equipment. If you are not following a programme, you can speak to one of our coaches who can arrange a monthly programming package with you. 


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