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It is better to ask a stupid question than do a stupid thing.

The fitness industry is full of, for want of a better word, baloney, and it can be difficult to extract correct information from incorrect. Context and nuance are such an important aspect of life and especially important in terms of strength and conditioning. What may be useful for one athlete to perform may be detrimental to another. This is why it is so important to question everything you see, read and hear, even this blog. For all you know I could be sat here chatting out of my behind, excuse the French. Which is why it is vital that you get the context behind who is offering up the information you are receiving as we are all communicating from a viewpoint that is the culmination of our collective experiences.

In the context of training, it is so important that you ask questions at every opportunity that is afforded to you. Not only will this develop your understanding as to why you have been instructed to do, for example, a tempo squat rather than a pause squat or why you have been told to work hard for 10 seconds then rest for over a minute during a met-con session. Here at MSC Performance, we pride ourselves on giving you honest answers and not giving you false baseless promises.

Results = Time + Effort

We’re not going sugar coat anything and tell you that you will be able to squat double bodyweight in just four weeks if you have never touched a barbell before, as this will discourage you when it doesn’t happen and will make us look like untrustworthy shmucks.

Getting back to the topic, always ask if you are unsure or just curious. At the moment we are unable to run classes, but are still on hand to provide you with information, guidance and accountability, so it is even more important for you to take a pro-active attitude and find the answers to any questions you have. Never be scared about looking stupid when asking for help. Trust me, I would much rather you asked for a demonstration on how to perform a kettlebell snatch than you trying yourself and injuring yourself.

Your membership includes answers to as many questions as you want per month so make the most of it!


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