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Make the seconds count.

Coming off the back of completing our second 24-hour challenge, I have been asked to write about my reasoning behind doing these types of events and how to keep a positive mindset.

If you are constantly doing the same thing day in day out then you are not finding out anything about yourself. The lockdown has forced a lot of us into this sort of routine.

Why should we let it though?

When forced into an uncomfortable situation, get comfy. It is in those moments where you find something about yourself, so why wait to be forced into discomfort? Put yourself there voluntarily.

I’m not going to lie, this year’s challenge was grim. Naima and I both said, once we had finished, that at the half way point we could have easily called it a day if the other had suggested it. But instead we cracked on out of sheer stubbornness and refusal to fail at what we had set out to do.

Like last year, we did it to raise money and awareness for Mind, a charity that supports individuals with mental health. We all know how important it is to be physically strong, but mental strength is as, if not, more important than anything. The money raised will go towards providing services for those that need it the most. Some people have no-one to talk to which is why organisations such as Mind are so important as they offer that outlet that may be the difference between life and death in some extreme circumstances.

When you break a day down you have 24 hours. Break those hours down further you have 60 minutes, each of those minutes is 60 seconds long. Put effort in to each second and then you have yourself a minute, keep putting in that consistent effort and those minutes turn into hours, before you know it a whole day has passed.

This is like anything in life. In order to reach a long-term goal, whatever that may be, it is important that you put as much effort into each second so that those small efforts add up to something that you may have thought impossible before breaking it down.

This is one of the reasons we started the 24-hour style challenges. To make any significant changes in your life, it is the efforts and adjustments you make in each and every second that count and culminate in overall change. Also, the fact that we all gave up so much time shows people who are struggling that there are people out there who care for them. Struggling for a day to raise awareness for people who could be struggling every day.

The amount raised isn’t the end goal, the goal is to raise awareness and let people know that there is help out there.

To maintain a positive mindset one thing I try to do every morning when I wake up is run through things I am grateful for. So, straight away I am grateful that I have a bed to wake up in, I have a roof over my head, food on the table and can walk around pain free.

Things are looking good so far.

Also, I try to refrain from comparing myself to other people, both physically or what they have materially. We are bombarded constantly with people online showing glimpses into their personal lives and I’m not going to go into the damage this does to us now as it has been covered extensively elsewhere. Without this bombardment, it allows you to be even more grateful for what is in front of you and reduce the feeling of always wanting more.

Nowadays people can get into this entitled mindset, thinking that they deserve what other people have without potentially seeing the hard work that went in to allow those people to get where they are, or what they have.

‘When you’re grateful for what you have instead of being upset on what “you deserve”, life gets really good.’ – Gary Vaynerchuk

This quote from big Gary really does sum it up.

Another method I have slowly implemented over the last two or three years is this idea of minimalism. Essentially decluttering my life. Over time we bring things into our lives that we think we might need ‘someday’ but how often does that day come? If something is not useful to you then why hold on to it. Not only does it take up space physically, but mentally too.

I’m not saying get rid of all your winter clothing as it is of no use to you right now (actually with British summers it might be), what I mean is get rid of the excess things you have accumulated over the years. Doing this allows you to focus in on what is truly important to you and maximise your efforts in whatever those things may be.

Never blame others for your shortcomings. This leads you down a bitter, negative road. Mark and I spoke about this on the latest podcast, the fact that you can read and learn about what to do but until you start putting all of that into action it means nothing.

So, be grateful for what you have.

Don’t compare yourself to others or be envious of what they have achieved.

Most importantly, make the seconds count.


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