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The Founding of MSC Performance10 min read

As we continue to try and further improve our service to you, we are excited to announce that from now on we will be writing weekly blogs to update you on all things MSC, as well as give you more access than ever to our coaching expertise! 

I thought that a great place to start for our first blog would be to go right back to the beginning, and discuss the idea behind MSC and the reasons behind building this project! 

As some of you who have been here since the beginning with us will know, MSC Performance opened its doors on June 13th 2015! (it’s hard to believe that nearly four years has gone so quickly!). The idea for creating MSC Performance came about when I was doing my masters in Strength and Conditioning back in 2012. At the time, I worked as a personal trainer at a local health club, as well as working for a coaching education company where I delivered strength and conditioning courses around the U.K, with my main contract being with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the GB Armed Forces Rugby team. During this time, I became both fascinated and disheartened with the fitness industry. I was fascinated because I was so passionate about coaching and all things ‘S&C’, and was also gaining experience and realising how much of a difference coaching can make when trying to improve performance, as well as health and wellbeing, and every day I was learning more! It was amazing to work with so many different athletes, and I was applying everything I was learning from my masters, and from the books that I was reading every single day! 

However, I was also a little disillusioned by the industry in many ways. Working in a commercial gym for which I met some great people, had a lot of fun and learnt a lot, I came to realise that the industry was not doing enough for people! Gym’s were charging memberships with the focus being on getting as many numbers through the door as possible, all with very little or no emphasis on educating or helping their members! There was no service, no community, the atmosphere was negative and intimidating, and the standard of personal training was on the whole, appalling! Members were not following programmes and not training safely or effectively or maximising their potential. Personal training was available, but unfortunately it is not very difficult to become a personal trainer, and the gym I was working at as well as any commercial gym I’ve ever come across, doesn’t seem to have any screening process or standard for taking on knew coaches! To summarise, the focus was not on quality of performance or quality of service, no one was following a programme or knew what they were doing and so many people were wasting so much time and money, and this is where I wondered if I could try and help!

In 2012, I put pen to paper and started a business plan to create a results-based gym with an emphasis on members not just being a number, but a valuable member of a fitness community! With the help of my business partner Andy, and with Luke and Josh, all of whom have been with me since the very beginning and as you know are absolutely fantastic, eventually after 3 years of begging for loans and trying to find a premises, we opened MSC in June 2015! It was the scariest thing I’d ever done, and looking back…with very little business experience I must have been crazy! But I believed in the project so much I decided to fuck logic and common sense and go for it! 

The reason behind founding MSC was to create a positive and enjoyable training environment with a sense of community, and be able to control the standard of coaching, and within that offer young professionals in the Birmingham area the opportunity to be educated and coached by passionate, well qualified and experience strength and conditioning coaches! The aim was to build a gym that produced RESULTS! 

I believe this has been achieved. In my opinion, the best thing about MSC is the community that has been created by you guys, the members. It’s such a positive atmosphere in the gym, and it’s great to see friendships being built on a daily basis, and to see you all helping each other and genuinely interested in each others progress! The results that I see you guys achieving on daily basis is insane! To be honest, although it’s great to have so many good athletes at MSC, I am not actually too bothered about ability level. I think the great thing about MSC is that no matter what your ability level and experience, as long as you are willing to learn and apply yourself to get better then MSC is for you! It’s great to see the variety of athletes we have, whether that’s our Weightlifters, Rugby or American football players, Powerlifters or our Barbell Club members or our met-con legends! To see so much variety in the gym is so rewarding! My biggest wish is that this continues, and that you guys continue to support each other, and keep the positive and friendly atmosphere that we have! 

The goal moving forward is to continue to build the gym, further improve our service to you, and to continue to build the strength our community! 

Thank you to everyone of you for making MSC what it is! 


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